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CPC Online Directory Center

It’s finally going to happen!

Our new online directory will be available to you soon. This directory will help us keep in touch with up to date information on our church family. You will be able to update your contact information and photo whenever there is a change.  

You will receive an email shortly from CTRN, the company doing our directory, with login information. 

When you log in with the information you received in the email from CTRN, we would like you to:

1. Check to make sure the information on you and your family is correct and update if necessary.  

2. Upload family/individual photos. These can be a photo from your computer, from your phone, or a selfie! Casual is fine and preferred. 

3. Answer the questions at the bottom of your individual profile. These questions are below so you can think about them. There are different questions for children grades K – 5. This is a wonderful way to get to know each other better and especially for Pastor Sam and his family. 

Attended CPC Since

Present/Past Occupation


Favorite Food/Restaurant

If you’d like to say something else about yourself, you can add an additional field. Be creative and have fun, but please be brief. You can see an example of an individual profile by looking at any member of the Directory Team.

If you have any questions our directory team is here to help. Just send us an email at

We are excited about the possibilities this long-awaited online directory gives our church family. 

The Directory Team,

Pat Lum, Dawn Tschaen, Polly Walker and Cheryl Wellcome

Getting Started

There are 2 ways you can access the directory.  

1) From your computer via the following link: and then logging in using the information provided in the email that was sent to you with your logon information.

2) By downloading the directory application onto your mobile device, to locate the application you need to open your the app/play store on your device and search for "CTRN Online Directory"

Once located, download the app and launch it. Once the app is launched you will need to enter a privacy code, that privacy code is "cpcfremont" make sure there are no spaces in the code and then you should be directed to a screen where you can input your logon information that was emailed to you.

If you have any difficulties accessing the directory please reach out to