july 13

The Touch of God

By: Pastor Jim Schoon

Key Passage- Matthew 14:34-36

“When they had crossed over (the lake) 

they came to Gennesaret. And when the

men of that place recognized  Jesus, they

sent word to the surrounding country. People

brought all their sick to him and begged to

let the sick just touch the edge of his cloak, and all

who touched him were healed.”

This is an amazing account of the significance of touch and the power of Jesus.

Jesus had just finished feeding the 5,000 and had crossed the lake to enter the next

community. At this point in the ministry of Jesus, his reputation preceded him, and

people flocked to him just to touch his cloak or be touched by him. They believed

in the power of touch as they desired their loved ones to be healed.

To be touched by someone is important for us today, for it is a great communicator

of caring. A handshake, a hug, or a touch on the shoulder can communicate that

others care about us and our situation. We know that touch is important for

newborn babies, as well as loved ones in a nursing home, hospital, or a

rehabilitation center.

The “touch of God” is also important for us today, for it reminds us that God cares

and can make a difference. That is how it was for Jesus as he moved to a new

community and people came in droves just to “touch” his cloak. As they did, Luke

tells us “all who touched him were healed.”

It might be that today is a day you need a touch from God. Perhaps you have a

physical ailment that needs the healing power of God. Perhaps you have a heart

that has been wounded and you need some healing of that heart or some divine

comfort that will assist in the healing process. Perhaps your spirit has been

damaged or broken, and you need God to reach across the heavens and touch that

spirit in a loving, tender and renewing way.

I would invite you to reach out to God for a “touch” today. Lift your “hurt” to him

in prayer and invite Him into the painful area of your life. As you do, take a

moment to sense His healing power coming into your life in a way that will make a

difference. God will communicate he cares.

Prayer: Almighty and Everlasting God, I praise you for being a God of healing

power who knows my needs. On this day, in this moment, I offer my “hurt” to

you, with the faith that you will hear my prayer and touch me with your loving

kindness and power. May I sense your healing power come into my life. I pray this

in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. Amen.