july 17

A Wonderful Reminder

By: Pastor Jim Schoon

Key Passage: Jude 1-2

Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and a brother

of James, to those who have been called, who are

loved by God the Father, and kept by Jesus Christ.

Tucked away in the back of the New Testament is the Book of Jude, one of the

shortest books in the Bible. It only has 24 verses, but it is packed with some great

theology. Today’s verses take us to the introduction that Jude gives to the church

as he communicates with them what is on his heart. I am going to focus on three

phrases that remind us of how important we are to God.

The first phrase is that we are “called by God.” When the Bible says that someone

is called by God, the writer is recognizing the sovereignty of God in the process of

salvation. God is the One who considers the individual and extends to him or her

an invitation to join His family.

The second phrase is that we are “loved by God the Father.” The love of God for

people is stated in the Bible many times, including the easily recognizable John

3:16 and the affirmation Paul gives in Romans 8:38-39.

The third phrase is that we are “kept by Jesus Christ.” The meaning of this phrase

harkens back to the shepherd concept, where it was well known in those days that

the shepherd always watched out for the sheep under his care. Psalm 23:1-3 says it

well when the author writes, “The Lord is my shepherd…he makes me lie down in

green pastures, he leads be beside still waters…he restores my soul…”

I offer these three phrases to you in your experience of life today. Know that you

are called by God…He has invited you to be part of His family…and you have

responded in the affirmative to that invitation.

Know that you are loved by God, and there is nothing that will separate you from

that heavenly love.

Know that Jesus Christ keeps you as He watches over you, and He wants the best

for you.

As you ponder these three phrases, may they give you strength for the day and

hope for tomorrow. They are a wonderful reminder of your relationship to

Almighty God.

Prayer: Almighty and Eternal God, I am grateful for my relationship to you, and

thank you for that reminder through the writing of Jude. Thank you for calling me,

loving me, and watching over me as I go through this day. May I find strength in

my relationship to you, and may I know deeply that you are with me. In Jesus’

name I pray. Amen.