july 20

God is Capable and Competent

By: Pastor Jim Schoon

Key Passage: Jude 24

To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you

before his glorious presence without fault, and with great joy

In my July 17 th devotional I related the encouragement Jude gave us in the

beginning of his letter when he described our relationship to God, reminding us

that we are called, kept, and loved by God.

In my next 2 devotionals, today and Friday, we are going to look at the last 2

verses of Jude in which he writes a wonderful doxology as he concludes his letter.

In verse 24 Jude points to God and tells us about the capability of God as He works

in our lives.

In the first phrase of Jude 24 he writes, “To him who is able to keep you from

falling…” The Message paraphrase says, “And now to him who can keep you on

your feet…” Jude is telling the Christ-followers of his day, and to us in July, 2020,

that God is able, capable, and competent to keep us from slipping, and that to walk

with God is to walk in security. Even when we encounter slippery places, he will

keep us on our feet!

When God invites us to partner with him in life, he means that he will be with us in

every phase of life and will give us a “helping hand” when opportunities to

stumble come into our lives. God’s promise is that he will keep us steady when

these “stumbling moments” visit us. He will enable us to stand firm.

The second phrase of Jude 24 says, “…and (He is able) to present you before his

glorious presence without fault and with great joy…” As God partners with us in

this life, for which we are grateful, he also partners with us in the next life. On the

Day of Judgement, we will come into his presence without fault because of the

death and resurrection of Jesus. When life on this earth is done, our eternal life

with God moves to the next level because of our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jude tells us that salvation rests in the power of God.

As you experience life today, may you sense the capability and competence of God

in your life. When you feel you might be slipping, know that God “is able to keep

you on your feet!” As you look ahead, know that your relationship to Jesus will

bring you into the eternal presence of God…with great joy!

Prayer: Our Father in heaven, thank you for the assurance of helping me when I

am in the process of falling. I do not know what I will encounter today, but I am

confident to live life with you, knowing you are able to meet my needs. And thank

you for the promise of being with you some day in your time. I look forward to

spending eternity with you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.