july 24

Praising God

By: Pastor Jim Schoon

Key Passage: Jude 25

“to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power, 

and authority through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all

ages, now and forevermore. Amen.”

In my July 20 th devotional we looked at the first part of Jude’s beautiful doxology

(Jude 24) where he spoke of the capability and competency of God. Today we

look at the second part of Jude’s doxology (Jude 25) which is a verse of praise to

our God.

Jude speaks of the “only God our Savior,” and in that phrase he is recognizing that

there is only one God, not a variety of gods. We do not have to climb a ladder

through a pantheon of gods to reach the one true God! We have access to the one

God as a Christ-follower.

Jude then lists 4 characteristics that he attributes to God:

         Glory— radiant magnificence

         Majesty—spacious governance

         Power—capability to carry out His will.

         Authority—self-sufficiency to rule over His kingdom

As we look at these 4 characteristics of God, we are humbled and kneel in

reverence as we think of our God, with these incredible characteristics, reaching

into our lives and caring for us. He did this through His Son, Jesus Christ. And

what is amazing about this is the characteristics of the “only God” are revealed

through Jesus. In John 14:9, Jesus responds to a statement by his disciple, Philip,

who wanted Jesus to show the disciples the Father. Jesus said, “Anyone who has

seen me has seen the Father.” Amazing!

The message of this doxology is that God never forsakes or forgets the believer!

As we have responded to His invitation to be in His family, we are always on His

mind and in His heart.

As life unfolds for you today, ponder the 4 characteristics of God mentioned in

Jude 25. Offer a prayer of praise to God for who He is, and for sending His Son to

reveal the characteristics of God the Father. Also, be affirmed that God is aware of

your circumstances and will work in your life because He will not forget you.

Prayer: Our Father in heaven, I give praise to you for being a great and wonderful

God. I praise You for your glory, majesty, power, and authority as the only God

my Savior. I praise and thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus Christ, in whom I

have access to You on a personal basis. Thank You for sharing life with me today.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.