June 1

A Speaking Voice and a Listening Ear

By: Pastor Jim Schoon


“The man who enters by the gate is the shepherd of his sheep…When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of

them, and his sheep will follow him because they know his voice.”

Our passage for today comes from the section of the Bible entitled, “The Shepherd

and His flock.” Jesus is speaking to the crowd and explaining who he is. In doing

so, he used the analogy of a shepherd and his sheep and described their relationship

in warm and tender terms. Those words, spoken centuries ago, speak to us today.

The sheep belong to the shepherd. The passage talks about the shepherd relating to

“all his own.” This thought translates into the reality that we belong to the Lord.

There is the wonderful relationship of ownership and belonging. As we live life,

we can live in the confidence that we belong to the living Lord.

The shepherd leads the sheep on their journey. He goes before them and shows

them the way to nourishment, refreshment, and rest. He leads the way as they go

through dangerous and difficult parts of the terrain. It is the same with the Lord

and us today. He goes before us and leads us through the pleasant times and the

more challenging moments in our lives. We are not alone on our journey, bereft of

guidance and divine presence. The Lord leads us through the winding and

uncertain path of life. Confusion and misdirection fade into the background as we

follow the Lord.

The relationship of the sheep to the shepherd is such that the sheep follow their

shepherd, and not someone else, because they know His voice. They have listened

to him over time, experienced his presence, and know his voice very well.

Following their shepherd is a given in life. It is the same for us today as we spend

time with the Lord. We know the Shepherd wants to speak to us words of wisdom

and guidance. We know that the words of the Shepherd will impact our lives. We

find comfort in our relationship with the Lord and follow Him as we trust Him to


As you live this day, my friend, take delight and comfort in knowing that the

Shepherd, our Lord, has significant words to speak to you. Enjoy your relationship

with Him, choose to listen to His words, and follow Him on your journey.

Prayer: Almighty and Everlasting God, thank you for sending Your Son, Jesus

Christ, so I may know you and belong to your family. Thank you for leading me in

life, and I pray that you will lead me today. As you speak words of guidance,

comfort, and encouragement, give me faith to receive those words and act on them.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.