june 22

Have One and You Will Feel Better

By: Pastor Jim Schoon

Key Passage: Proverbs 17:22

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, 

but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

When the doctor gives us a prescription for medicine, we expect it to make us feel

better. Whether it is a pain we are experiencing, discomfort, or some malady that

inhabits our body, we have high hopes the medication will help fight off whatever

“bug” is bugging us.

Our key passage is a wonderful verse tucked away in the book of Proverbs that

reminds us of some good medicine that will help us deal with daily life. That

advice is: have a cheerful heart…it is good medicine.

Considering the barriers we face in managing life, it is easy to experience a

crushed spirit…to be discouraged and disappointed to the point of feeling lethargic

and defeated. The writer describes it as a “crushed spirit,” one that “dries up the

bones.” To be sure, this is an awful place to be.

But a cheerful heart is an option for us. The verse implies that the good medicine

of a cheerful heart will pour life into us. It will be the medicine that lifts our

spirits, brings a smile to our faces, sparkle to our eyes, and peace in our hearts. A

cheerful heart will release endorphins and other pain blockers that will enable us to

enter each day with hope and expectation that we can face hardships, overcome

that which weighs us down, and make the most of the time we have. We can do

this and then rest in the knowledge we have been good stewards of time.

The resources of our faith enable us to have a cheerful heart. God is the Great

Physician and gives us what is necessary. We have a relationship to Jesus Christ.

God the Father gives us His resources. The Holy Spirit empowers us to face the

unpredictability of life. As we access the resources of God, the cheerful heart

emerges and the “good medicine” gives energy to our emotions, minds, and our

thinking. Our faith is strengthened, and we grow in our relationship to the Triune

God. May the Lord bless you today with a cheerful heart.

Prayer: Almighty and Everlasting God, I thank you for the life you have given

me and pray that you will give me a cheerful heart as we live this day together. I

do not know what today will bring, but I do know I want to handle it well. May

the cheerful heart be good medicine for a life that honors You. In Jesus’ name we

pray. Amen.