CPC - Youth

Dear Parents and Guardians,

During this pandemic, weekly youth group email updates and notifications will be our point of communication with one another. If you are not a part of our email thread and would like to be a part of our youth group, please email canderson@cpcfremont.org to gain access to the email thread. Students can access all youth group messaging threads and updates through our discord server. Here is how you can get connected to our discord server.

Download the discord app on your phone or on your desktop. 

Make an account

Add cpcyouth#8108 as a friend

I will accept your friend request and add you to our discord server! 

Our virtual Wednesday gathering meets form 6pm - 8pm weekly. Our virtual Wednesday gatherings include a time of Bible study, discussion groups and fellowship through online group games and activities. 

We will also be hosting daily devotionals everyday from our youth leaders on our Instagram. Follow us @ cpcyouth to get connected!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me!