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Presbyterian Church

experiencing jesus • Authentic community • 

Transforming Lives

• Share the Good News within our fellowship of believers, the community at large, and the world

• Make Disciples and Baptize

• Live Life Together

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services on sunday !

beginning at 10:30am

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MEETING ID: 817-1603-4793

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Centerville presbyterian Church

Currently our offices are closed due to the Shelter in Place orders

We encourage you to call or email us via the information below

mappin 4360 Central Ave, Fremont, CA 94536     email cpcoffice@cpcfremont.org

twitterbird  twitter.com/cpcfremont                              roundedfacebook   facebook.com/cpcfremont

   Toll-Free Number: (877) 525-0859

Office Phone: (510) 793-3575

Fax: (510) 793-3594